Baon Ideas: Get Inspired By These Instagram Moms

These mommies show us how the everyday baon is done. Their baon pictures on Instagram are oh so pretty, delectable and over the top gorgeous! Kids and daddies will definitely look forward to opening their baon lunch everyday. If you see your baon as good as this, it would definitely excite you!

Here are some tips on how to prepare Instagram-worthy baons:

  1. Make a theme and use bento making tools.

    Kids are excited to see characters and shapes on their baons. Experiment with different ingredients to create the character you need. Use seaweed and cut them to your desired shape and size to draw on the face, eyes and lines. It’s like your pen! Look through the bento section of Japanese stores like Daiso. They have lots of cutters, molds and bento tools that you can use to make your bento making craft easier. If you already have cookie cutters in the kitchen, use these. They easily make cute shapes that you can use on sandwiches, cheese, and vegetables.

    Another easy way to spruce up your baon is to use decorative picks. These are like plastic toothpicks with characters or designs on one end. These picks usually come in themes, so it’s easy to add them to your bento meal. Use these picks to arrange small items together like a kebab. This makes it easy for toddlers and young children to eat their meal.

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  1. Put it in a cute lunch box. 

    Creative lunch boxes make your baon beautiful not just on the inside, but outside as well. Don’t limit yourself to the usual lunch boxes found in department stores. Get creative! Because of the bento making craze these days, a lot of online stores now offer cute and creative lunch box designs. You may check out Lock & Lock for themed lunch boxes and specialty online shops on Instagram, Shopee, and Facebook for options.

  1. Use liners or food separators for different food types.

    Reusable silicone baking cups are also a good alternative. If you don’t have a bentolunch box, this will definitely be a big help for you! If you plan to invest in a bento lunch box which already has compartments for you, check out brands like Yumbox and Omie Life Inc. Some moms order directly from Amazon for these, while other moms order from online resellers.

  1. Make sure each food group is included in your baon.

    Include one of each food groups: grains, protein, vegetables, fruit and dairy (if applicable). This makes sure that your loved ones have a healthy and balanced diet outside the home. The groupings add great color to your baon too – just like a rainbow! To include a good mix of the different food groups in your baon, start with the most basic: brown or white rice for grains, any kind of meat, poultry or fish for protein, a serving of vegetables and fruits on the side. If you want to make a healthy baon, ensure that you allocate at least half of the entire meal to fruits and vegetables, one-fourth for grains then one-fourth for protein. Generally, sugar is not recommended as part of the recommended healthy diet so include this sparingly in your baon. Once in a while, you can include a cookie or brownie in your baon as dessert.

  1. Definitely make your baon with love!

    Some mommies need to get up early in the morning (as early as 4am!) to prepare their baon fresh. To ensure that you have enough time, prepare the meal the night before and just heat it in the morning for packing. This depends on the menu items included in your baon. Generally, it is not advised to pack fried food items and leave in the refrigerator overnight. This tends to get soggy in the morning. To reheat a fried item properly, you must refry it.

It takes a whole lot of love and planning to prepare beautiful and Instagram-worthy baons. But of course, as mommies, we always want the best for our kids, and that includes making the best, healthy and delicious baons for our husband and kids!

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