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Being a new mom can be overwhelming. First, you don’t really know where to start. What do I buy? What should I prepare for? How do I care for a newborn? Where can I find a newborn checklist? What do I do?!? *Insert stressed face here*

Mama, there are probably so many questions in your head, and you simply don’t know where to start. Preparing for this life-changing experience can be a daunting task, but don’t you worry! We’re here to help. Go Mommy Philippines lists down all the newborn essentials you need to get started. Feel free to download our list too!

Baby Clothes

  • 6-8 pieces tie side tops (4 sleeveless, 2 with sleeves, 2 long sleeves)
  • 6 pajama sets
  • 1-2 cap or bonnet
  • 3 pairs mittens
  • 3 pairs soft booties
  • 3 pairs socks
  • 6 onesies with snaps under the crotch
  • 3 going out clothes (top and bottom pairs or dresses)

Crib & Linens

  • 1 crib or co-sleeping mattress
  • 2-3 crib bed sheets
  • 2 waterproof mattress covers
  • 4 receiving blankets which can be used for swaddling


  • For those using disposable diapers:
    • 12 pieces newborn diapers
    • 12 pieces small size diapers (depending on the size of the diaper brand, newborn baby can fit into a small immediately)
  • For those using cloth diapers:
    • 24 pieces cloth diapers
  • 2 diaper changing pads (1 for diaper bag, 1 at home)
  • 1 diaper rash ointment
  • 1 diaper pail or trash can for soiled diapers
  • 3 pieces wash cloth for drying baby’s bum
  • 1 pack baby wipes
  • 1 pack of cotton balls for cleaning the bum (cotton ball with water)
  • 2 jars for storing cotton balls (1 jar for dry, 1 jar for wet cotton balls with water)


  • 1 bath tub
  • 1 bottle baby wash (Cetaphil or any brand recommended by the pedia)
  • 1 bottle baby shampoo (optional. Baby wash can double as shampoo)
  • 3 hooded towels
  • 4-6 wash cloths
  • 1 bottle alcohol
  • 1 bottle baby oil

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • 1 nail clipper or nail file
  • 1 soft brush and comb
  • 1 nasal aspirator
  • 1 pack cotton buds
  • 1 pack baby-safe laundry detergent
  • 1 digital thermometer


  • Breastfeeding mamas:
    • 1 Breast pump
    • At least 6 breastmilk storage bottles
    • Breastmilk storage bags (depends on frequency of pumping and amount of milk stored per bag)
    • Small cup without handle for cup feeding (if needed)
    • 3 nursing bras
    • breast pads (as needed)
    • nursing pillow (optional)
    • 4-6 nursing tops or blouses or tank top & shirt combo
    • 1 insulated bag for storing milk (when pumping outside the house)
    • ice packs (to cool milk while on the go)
  • Bottle-feeding mamas:
    • 3 4oz bottles with newborn teats
    • 3 8oz bottles with small size nipples
    • 1 bottle sterilizer with tongs
    • 1 bottle and nipple brush
    • 1 baby-safe dishwashing liquid
  • 4 cotton bibs
  • 12 burp cloths (bird’s eye, gauze or cotton)

Travel Gear

  • 1 diaper bag
  • 1 baby carrier (ring sling or baby wrap is recommended for newborns)
  • 1 stroller (optional if you prefer to babywear)
  • 1 car seat


  • rattles
  • playmat
  • baby books

Take note mommies. These are our recommended newborn essentials. Baby items needed may vary from parent to parent. For example, there are moms who prefer not to buy strollers because they opt to babywear or breastfeeding mamas who forego buying baby bottles as they directly feed their babies. In the end, it’s really up to you mama which items you want to invest in.

To download this list, please click here!

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