Kiddie Party Photographers in Manila for under 5K

kiddie party photographers manila

We’ve listed down 5 kiddie party photographers in Manila with photo packages under 5K!

As moms, we always want the precious moments with our little ones documented. From the time our babies were born, we’ve already filled our digital albums with thousands of pictures from the hospital. As our babies grow, it’s automatic for us to get our smartphones and make sure we’re ready to document our baby’s milestones.

For our baby’s birthday, we want the day to be as special as can be. For this special day, we want to hire photographers to make sure they capture those special candid moments. Yet many times, we also want to stick to a budget. For those mamas seeking budget-friendly options, here’s our list of kiddie party photographers in Manila with photo packagers under P5,000, as recommended by mamas in our mommy group.

Kiddie Party Photographers Manila

Ingente-Valencerina Photography

This studio is managed by husband and wife team Aldrin and Sheryl. Moms recommend them because this duo is very nice and accommodating. They specialize in simple and classic photography, perfect for capturing special moments in your party or event.

Klick-tac-toe Studio

Excellent and amazing are just few of the words that moms describe Klick-tac-toe Studio’s work. Run by Karl, he has shot plenty of first and seventh birthdays and customers are amazed by his quick turnaround time.

Klick Tac Toe Studio kiddie party photographer

Klick Tac Toe Studio kiddie party photographer

Klick Tac Toe Studio kiddie party photographer

Litrato Mo Mignonette Photography

Single mama Mignonette Galvez runs Litrato Mo Mignonette Photography. She occasionally offers promo outdoor pictorials at a very affordable rate of P1,500 and her shots of the little kids are absolutely beautiful! Browse through her social media page to find various albums of kiddie pictorials and events, all of which are stunning.

kiddie party photographers

kiddie party photographers

Raj Photo

Raj Photo has a wide variety of events in his portfolio. He has covered weddings, engagement shoots, baptismal events, and kiddie birthday parties. Definitely, Raj Photo has plenty of experience to bring to your little one’s party.

Peach Frost Studio

Led by Cheska and Leo, this photographer team has continuously pleased their clients and have delivered photos over and beyond expectation. Their clients have said that this duo will never let you down, and that they’re always eager and willing to help to make your event a memorable success.

We hope you enjoyed our list of kiddie party photographers mamas! If you’re looking for other party suppliers as you plan for your little one’s event, please visit our mommy directory.

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