Ideas for Family Activities At Home

Holidays and long weekends are always something to look forward to. Many times, families plan their short vacations around these dates so they can spend quality time together. However, not all long weekends can be getaways. Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to plan for it or have the budget to spend for it. Do you find yourself stuck in the house for a long weekend and you’re looking for family activities at home? Here are some ideas for you!

Family Activities At Home

Cook or Bake

Cooking is an essential life skill. Believe me, your children will benefit a lot from cooking with them together at home. It teaches them to be more responsible by helping with the chores at home (even if you have helpers!). This activity helps them appreciate the work needed to prepare the food that they eat on the table. Cooking and baking prepare them for the time that they will manage a home in the future too. For those who will bake with kids, it allows the kids to get creative! Cooking and baking can be more fun to do with the kids than you expect. Of course, it can get messy at times (maybe most of the time). Just guide them through the tasks they do, try your best to minimize the mess, and enjoy! The smiles on their faces when they feel they accomplished something is so worth it.

Search for recipes on YouTube. Check out these channels: Tasty, CharlisCraftyKitchen and Allrecipes.

Make Art: Draw, Paint, Build Something

One of my most favorite activities to do is when we draw together. We think of a theme, have all our painting and drawing materials ready and we will draw pictures together. If there are coloring books or activity sets available, we will work on them together. For small kids and toddlers, it’s nice to assign areas to color for a certain drawing so they’re free to color their part. Take a look at what mommy Camille Manalo did for her young boys. She assigned to them specific work sheets to color and told them they will get a star from mommy when they finish. The smiles on these boys show they were eager to please mommy!

family activities at home
The boys colored their work sheets together

If you’re not an artist and you’re looking for ways to draw, check out Art for Kids Hub. They have their website filled with easy video tutorials that will teach anyone to draw. The instructions are so easy to follow. We’ve tried doing it together as a family with kids at age 4, 12, 15. Everyone had fun! It is also nice to see different versions of the same drawing. Drawing together is definitely a must-try for family activities at home.

family activities at home
Art for Kids Hub

Play Board Games Together

Board games can definitely be a great bonding activity. Playing board games is one of the best family activities at home, especially for those days where you just want to avoid screen time altogether. First of all, board games teach teamwork. Family members can team up depending on the board game and work on a strategy together. Second, it stimulates strategic thinking. Board games require a strategy to win. Lastly, it improves their problem solving skills. Big kids love to play board games. On weekends and holidays, it is usually the big kids who suggest for the family to play board games. It allows them to be competitive as they aim to improve their skills while having fun with the family at the same time.

Here are suggested board games for the family: Monopoly, Uno, Sushi Go

For older kids 10+: Catan, Splendor, Scrabble

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