Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines

Are you faced with this one question every Christmas season — what gifts can I give? It’s easy to ask for Christmas wish lists, but there are friends and loved ones who will simply say “any” or they don’t really want anything. Thankfully, we’ve prepared an easy guide to Christmas gift ideas Philippines 2017.

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

We’ll start off our list with generic gift ideas which you can easily give to friends, officemates, titos and titas, and more.

Here in the Philippines, we practically give gifts to everyone around us — from our immediate family to our extended family to friends, officemates, neighbors, helpers, doctors, co-parents and many more!

The list can seem to go on forever. Thus, it is best to have some of these gifts on hand just in case you missed someone on your list.

Gifts Below P500

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

Bavin Powerbank 3000MAH (P425; Sale Price P310)

Who doesn’t need a powerbank these days? With a 50g weight and size only at 1×3.75ix1″, this powerbank is a handy tool for days when one just needs an extra charge for gadgets.

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

A’postrohe Passport Holder (P495)

Everyone seems to be traveling these days. With multiple options for flights and easy-on-the-pocket sale prices, it’s easy to take a holiday outside the country. Give your friend an artsy passport holder for his/her’s next trip! Multiple designs available.

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

Orico 2 Port USB Car Charger (P499)

Charge additional gadgets in the car with this Orico car charger. This can accommodate up to 2 gadgets, and is compatible with most devices.


Gifts Below P300

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

Kultura Ladies Heart Manila Tote Bag (P75)

Tote bags are always useful. It’s handy to carry around especially when you go out and shopped a few items. Give a tote bag that gives love to the local entrepreneurs too!

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

Be Organic Sulfate-Free Gugo Shampoo 250ml (P189; Sale Price P170)

This organic shampoo boosts hair growth, strengthens hair against damage, increases hair volume, reduces hair loss and adds shine! What a dream! It’s great for both men and women.

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines 2017

Navy Blue Basics II Drawstring Bag (P260; Sale Price P221)

Drawstring bags are trendy nowadays. With its lightweight nylon material and washable fabric, this bag is great for anyone. Several colors available. Originally made and designed by Myriad Print Concepts.

All of these gift suggestions can be easily purchased through Shopee Philippines. Shop anytime and anywhere online! Shopee Philippines provides Cash on Delivery (COD) options for your shopping convenience.

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post. We just wanted to share with you the joys of online shopping! 

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