Nursing Wear Philippines: Where to Buy Them Online

Hey, congrats mama! You’ve made a decision to breastfeed your little one. Now the next question is, where do you find nursing wear here in the Philippines?

Breastfeeding on demand needs you equipped with clothes that will give convenient access to your baby’s source of milk, a.k.a. your boobies. Say goodbye to your regular clothes for a while as you will need to invest in nursing clothes to help you with your breastfeeding journey. 

Nursing Wear Philippines: Where to Buy Them


Elin PH is one of the earliest nursing wear launched in the Philippines. Their classic pieces have been favorites of many pregnant moms and breastfeeding moms. Their clothes are so stylish that you would want to keep wearing them over and over again! Shop for their pieces at their website.


The mom behind this brand was committed to breastfeed her children and she soon discovered the need for comfortable and affordable nursing clothes. Thanks to this mama’s dedication and ingenuity, moms have more brands to choose from for nursing wear Philippines. Check out her shop here.

Kaypee Baby

Founded by mompreneur Siene Bueno, her brand Kaypee Baby seeks to make breastfeeding mamas look beautiful and feel happy. If you’re the type of mama who prefers trendier pieces and colorful dresses, you will definitely find something to love here. As a bonus, you can also find nursing bras and pieces for your little ones! Visit her website here.

Bub & Weave 

This nursing wear brand is a favorite among fashionista moms. Their nursing access is so secret that you won’t even think it’s a nursing dress! They believe that breastfeeding should be fun for both mom and baby. Their stylish designs truly shows a mama how to have fun in her breastfeeding journey. Shop Bub & Weave here.


4R Sisters Nursing Wear  

This shop offers tees and casual wear, plus twinning shirts for you and your baby. If you’re a no frills mama who likes wearing casual tops with comfy bottoms, this nursing wear brand is definitely for you. Check out their Facebook page here.

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