Essential Oils Benefits: One Mama’s Story

You’ve probably seen it numerous times on your Facebook or Instagram feed — mommies sharing their happiness about their oily journey and displaying pictures of oils in their hand. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what these are and what are essential oils benefits?

I interviewed mommy Karen, a passionate mama about essential oils, and asked her how she started with her oily journey.


Q: Mommy Karen, what are essential oils and how did you discover them?

Mommy Karen: Essential oils are any of a class of volatile oils obtained from plants, possessing the aroma and other characteristic properties. They are the life force of a plant and they help it to regulate itself and make it healthy and well.

I’m also a fan of spas, so I am already familiar with essential oils way back before I discovered the oils I’m using now.

essential oils benefits


Q: Tell me about the uses of essential oils in your daily life.

Mommy Karen: We use essential oils in almost anything and everything! From daily immune booster, occassional sickness, and even in cooking. More specifically, I apply immune booster oils daily to my kids. I use essential oils to help them with allergic rhinitis, migraine, cough and colds, flu, asthma and so much more.

My husband and I are asthmatic and because of this, our kids are very prone to respiratory issues. The oils helped us a lot in minimizing, and eventually eliminating our use of synthetic medicines and antibiotics.


Q: What brands of essential oils should I use?

Mommy Karen: I only use Young Living Essential Oils so I cannot speak for the other brands. I chose Young Living because of its proprietary Seed to Seal process. This is how I am sure that their oils are 100% pure, natural, organic, and therapeutic grade. Just the way nature intended.


Q: Thanks mommy! Lastly, what would you recommend to moms who want to start their essential oils journey? How can they learn more about essential oils benefits? What steps do they take? 

Mommy Karen: Knowledge is power. For those who want to start their oily journey, it’s best that they read up first. Ask a friend who is already into oils to add them to oil groups so they can know more and read for themselves testimonials of others who are already using the oils. When they’re ready to sign up, they can do it independently but it is best to sign up under someone they know so they can be personally guided. It is important that they have an active and loving support group in this journey.

They can contact me for any questions and I will be happy to assist them.


It was a short and sweet interview with mommy Karen, and I’m happy to learn how essential oils can truly help one live a healthier life. For more information about essential oils benefits, please feel free to contact mommy Karen through her Facebook page Karen Magan Refamonte or email


Cover image from Breezy Acres website.

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