Hong Kong Disneyland Guide for Moms

Planning a trip to Hong Kong? Check out our Hong Kong Disneyland guide for moms to learn useful and practical tips for your family trip! If you’re planning for your first international trip with your little one, Hong Kong is an excellent choice. 

This favorite international destination among many Asian families has a lot to offer in terms of places to see, activities, food and shopping. This guide focuses on Hong Kong Disneyland, which is often a must-visit for first time travelers to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland Guide for Moms

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– Walt Disney

Before Your Trip

1. Have a budget for your Disneyland visit.

Aside from your overall budget for your Hong Kong trip, make sure you have one for your Hong Kong Disneyland visit. Though you can pretty much easily estimate the park tickets and food, one thing you need to plan for are the souvenirs. Disney stores are full of cute and adorable items that are (most of the time) irresistible, especially for young kids. They will always find toys and knick-knacks of their favorite Disney characters that they just need to bring home.

One useful tip I always rely on is assign a specific budget for your kids and let them know about it. If your kids can already understand math basics, it’s a good way for them to learn how to manage their money. If your kids are toddlers, you can track how much you spend on their souvenirs vs. their allocated budget. It’s easier to say yes or no to their wants when you have a budget in place. If the budget is running out and your child still wants to buy a couple of souvenirs, have them choose which one they value more.

2. Be on the lookout for Disneyland deals.

If you book early, you may get a good price for a hotel. Sometimes, we can score price deals at 40-50% off when we book at least 6 months ahead. When you’re travelling with a toddler, it’s best you book a Hong Kong Disneyland hotel. They have 3 hotels in the park with varying price ranges: Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and Disney Explorers Lodge. Staying near the park has been a lifesaver for us when we visited Hong Kong Disneyland with a 3-year-old! Aside from getting more rest or sleep from a whole day at the park, you get to benefit from the free Disney buses that take you between the hotel and park too. The best itinerary is when you start you first day in Hong Kong Disneyland, stay a night or two then move to a city hotel when you’re ready to explore Hong Kong.

Aside from hotels, search for Hong Kong Disneyland discounted park tickets and meals too! Klook has given us great deals, especially when we book early.

If you would rather stay in a city hotel for the entire duration of your stay, there are deals for that too. You need to be a smart shopper mama. Book early, look for deals and you’d feel so much better organizing a family vacation at a lesser cost. Visit different booking sites (including Hong Kong Disneyland site itself) and compare prices. Also, tell your husband the savings can go to your shopping budget instead (haha!).

3. Plan your day at the park.

Hong Kong Disneyland App

It’s impossible to cover each area of the park in 1 day (unless you have the park to yourself). Plan your day by getting to know the attractions at the park at the time of your visit. Hong Kong Disneyland always updates their offerings so it is best to study where to go. Download the Hong Kong Disneyland app on your mobile phone. It shows you the map of the park, the wait time for each ride and the locations for the appearance of your favorite characters. It’s an excellent invention that I wish I had when I visited Disneyland many years ago.

hong kong disneyland guide


Take advantage of the FastPass, too. The FastPass allows you to reserve a slot on a certain ride at a specific time. If you see the lines to your desired ride are long, register for a FastPass and just come back later on. This has saved us tons of time. We got to ride other rides while waiting and see more of the park. FastPass is only available at selected attractions though so remember this when you plan your day.

Bring A Stroller for Young Kids

If you have young kids in tow, please bring a stroller. It is crucial for moms to have their sanity. Haha. Young kids will get tired easily walking around the park and may want to sit down. So instead of getting yourself stuck in a spot where your toddler gets some rest or sleep, bring a stroller so the adults can still go around the park while the little kids sleep comfortably in the stroller.

If you’re thinking about babywearing, yes it is possible. However, please give yourself some love and opt for a stroller this time. I am a fan of babywearing, but walking around the park whole day carrying my toddler around is not fun at all.

Hong Kong Disneyland Guide for Moms

Park Day

We hope you’re loving our Hong Kong Disneyland guide so far. Ready for more? Here are tips for you when you visit Hong Kong Disneyland.

1. Arrive at the park early.

It’s best to make the most of your Disneyland day. Arrive before the park opens! This isn’t the time to sleep in. Depending on where you’re staying, know what are your transportation options to the park, how early they open and how long the travel time is.

2. Head towards the most popular rides first, especially the ones that are farthest from the entrance.

Read about the best rides in Hong Kong Disneyland from various blogs and check if these may be ones you like. When the park opens, there may be characters near the entrance and most people will line up to have a picture with them. At one time, we spent close to an hour just waiting for a picture with Mickey and Minnie at their designated spot near the entrance. It was a waste of time, and by the time it was a chance, our toddler wasn’t in a happy mood anymore because of the long wait.

Head over to the back of the park first as these rides won’t have lines yet. Tick off any rides you have included in your plan and work your way back towards the entrance.

3. Know the schedule of the shows (including the parade) and enjoy them!

One of the best things in Hong Kong Disneyland is getting to see your favorite characters in action. The Lion King and Mickey and the Wondrous Book are my personal favorites. It’s like seeing a short Broadway play! Take note though that the shows are delivered in Chinese and English.

4. Bring your essentials.

Make sure you have a big bag or backpack ready to store your essentials. Please bring water bottles. This is an absolute must to help you save some money rather than buying water inside the park. It saves the environment too! Your family avoids using single-use plastic bottles. Other things include extra change of clothes for your kids, rain gear (if the weather is rainy), wipes, towel, sunblock and all the other mommy essentials you carry around everyday.

We hope our Hong Kong Disneyland guide was of value to you. Please feel free to share with other moms. Should you have other tips, please comment below and contribute to our Hong Kong Disneyland guide. Thanks mommies and enjoy your trip!

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