3 Mom Hacks for Doing Laundry On A Rainy Day

doing laundy on a rainy day

When it’s rainy season, moms like us are faced with a new dilemma. How do we do laundry on a rainy day? We’re giving you 5 nifty mom hacks to help you keep your clothes fresh and clean during this rainy season. 

Mom Hack #1: Purchase an indoor drying rack 

If you’re used to drying clothes on a clothesline under the sun, it’s quite challenging to keep our clothes dry indoors without the proper gear. While it may seem like a good idea to set up a makeshift clothesline indoors, it could get challenging to walk around your home freely without bumping into your clothes hanging on your clothesline.  

Mom Hack #2: Make sure your room for indoor drying is well-ventilated 

The biggest challenge for doing laundry on a rainy day is how to make our clothes smell fresh and clean. It is best to do indoor drying in a well-ventilated room to keep kulob out of our clothes. Kulob is the Filipino term for something covered very well, wherein the air does not go in. When this happens, clothes may continue to smell bad even after you have washed them and dried them indoors.  

The biggest problem of moms during the rainy season is their clothes don’t smell like they were washed at all. We often call this “amoy kulob”. 

Keeping the room well-ventilated makes sure that our clothes are dried well indoors. In some cases, it is best to have a fan on inside your indoor drying room to keep the air circulated inside. 

Mom Hack #3: Use fabric conditioner on the final rinse to avoid kulob-smelling clothes. 

The fabric conditioner may well be a mom’s best friend doing laundry on a rainy day. I have recently discovered the best fabric conditioner variant for rainy days, and it is specially formulated for indoor drying! I’ve happily recommended this to family and friends. My new best friend for laundry on a rainy day is Downy Expert Kontra Kulob! It is heaven sent for us moms to avoid kulob-smelling clothes on a rainy day. 

doing laundry on a rainy day

My new BFF for rainy day laundry, Downy Extra Kontra Kulob

As I put this product to the test, I compared clothes indoor-dried normally and those with Downy Expert Kontra Kulob fabric conditioner. The clothes that didn’t have Downy didn’t smell fresh at all. The batch of clothes where I put Downy in smelled like they were actually dried under the sun! 

I know some mommies even resort to doing the laundry again because they don’t know how to get rid of the kulob smell. Now, we get a product that answers all our rainy dry laundry problems. Not only does Downy Expert Kontra Kulob give us fresh smelling clothes, it has 20x Antibac Power that keeps all that stubborn bacteria away. Damp clothes are a breeding ground for bacteria,  and it is best that we keep them away to keep our family healthy from disease.  

I know Downy is already a good brand for fabric conditioners. We have been using this brand for years.  With this new variant released, they continue to amaze me by offering us moms the best solution to kulob, our biggest laundry problem this rainy season. I am in awe of the entire Downy team for making this feat possible. 

So mommies, tell yourself when it’s a rainy day, “Labada today? No problem!” Be perfectly confident that you can give your family fresh-smelling clothes even on a rainy day, thanks to our new BFF Downy Expert Kontra Kulob. I bet our husbands won’t even notice that our clothes were dried indoors.  

For those moms that are asking where to buy this Downy Extra Kontra Kulob fabric conditioner, it’s now available in most supermarkets in the metro. Check Lazada and Shopee for vendors who may already be selling the variant online. Take note that price is the same for similar sizes with other Downy variants, so there’s no need to worry about adding any extra expense to our monthly budgets. Isn’t it amazing?

If you’re reading this and you haven’t tried it out yet, go to the nearest supermarket and buy this variant. It’s a miracle worker for doing laundry on a rainy day and promise, you will thank yourself for it!  


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